Growing Little Pip


    I was in the mood for a bit of a project when I put this together for Olivia, a day of feeling a bit flat beforehand wasn’t getting us anywhere s...
  • HERBAL TEA FOR TWO - for me and for her

    Olivia loves nothing more than making ‘soup’ and ‘tea’! No wonder I’ve collected several vintage tea sets for her... and I have a thing for them to...
  • HOMEMADE LAVENDER PLAY DOUGH - for me & for her

    Loved making this lavender play dough for Olivia to play with this week, she was out for a walk with Daddy so I prepared it for her to play with ...
  • Growing Little Pip

    Today I started a new Instagram account @growinglittlepip and have begun writing on this blog linked to it - not something I’d planned but it dawne...
  • Wearing Re-loved Cashmere - A Mum’s Reveiw

    For anyone who hasn’t previously bought or worn second hand, vintage of re-loved clothing, there is inevitably a question or quality, suitablility ...
  • Mum's In Business - Self Employment & The Leap of Faith

    Little Pip speaks with Kate Hennessy about self-employment, following your heart, taking the leap and striking the right balance for you as a Mumpreneur!
  • Little Pip’s Launch Photoshoot! A Change In Career As A First Time Mum, Just A Mummy Making It Happen!

    The Day Little Pip Came Out To Play! The Launch Photoshoot, Making It Happen With My Girl By My Side!
  • Welcome to Little Pip's New Website!

    Welcome to Little Pip's Website!