Growing Little Pip

Today I started a new Instagram account @growinglittlepip and have begun writing on this blog linked to it - not something I’d planned but it dawned on me that what I’m doing at the moment, in this unprecedented time,  that combines all my loves, my mum life & work life is actually hugely benefitting me and my Daughter Olivia (3) and I wondered if it might help others too? But if not then that’s ok, I’m just loving documenting through blogging & Instagram because I’m a visual person, I love to write and one day I’ll be able to show this to Olivia and hope she loves reading it and seeing it too!



- I want Olivia to feel fulfilled, engaged in her play & learning and HAPPY especially right now when we’re at home the vast majority of the time, unable to see loved ones, friends & go to playgroups & playschool

- I also want to feel fulfilled, engaged & HAPPY!


I have a desire to create, make & see beauty ALL the time! It my ‘thing’ and what makes me happy and calm. My work with Little Pip fulfils me hugely and along with my love for vintage curiosities, just brings me so much happiness! At the moment work on Little Pip has slowed as I’m only able to successfully work in the evenings or when Daddy is home! So I decided to stop stressing and trying to get work done with Olivia around and use my creative energy to make her days a little brighter! 

Olivia recently turned 3 and her NEED to explore & learn is greater than ever! I don’t mind admitting I find it difficult to keep her entertained for long before she’s on to the next thing, which can be exhausting, as I’m sure many of you know! The last few weeks have been a challenge but as I’ve started to research and be inspired by other ‘learning through play’ advocates I’ve been massively inspired to use my own loves & interests to create engaging play for her. Simultaneously fulfilling the creative buzz that’s inside me in quite a therapeutic and mindful way (so needed!) and giving her lots of new and exciting ways to play & learn! (Also so needed!)

So WHAT am I doing that’s got me so happy that I NEEDED to tell you all about it?! I’ve been creating ‘invitations to play’ for Olivia with open ended play & learning opportunities - by which I mean there are several things she could choose to do with the given set up, finding her way and often sharing those findings with us! I love seeing what she does and the imaginative play she creates! In these set ups I’m using our collection of vintage curiosities, her favourite toys & other bits and bobs... I create, I faff, I get inspired and I can’t wait to show her! I’m finding this so calming and it also gives structure to our day which i find it really beneficial for us right now!


Today, the day I decided to start blogging about this, I created a ‘garden cuttings perfumed soup’ tray play for Olivia - See my Instagram page @growinglittlepip for more. I pottered in the garden, sun on my face, collecting and smelling bits for her to cut and stir and eventually she decided to make perfume and requires a bottle! A lovely outcome for both of us! I then went on to create a flat lay photo & a flower arrangement for myself this evening which took 15 mins but left me feeling so positive and creatively fulfilled!

 Anyway, this is the basis on which @growinglittlepip has been built and I know this is now part of our life, our routine and something we will continue long after we are able to live freely again. I’ll post here a couple of time’s a week with more detail on activities and things we’ve been up to, but for day by day updates pop along and follow us! 


Take care, stay safe 

Jen x

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