HERBAL TEA FOR TWO - for me and for her

Olivia loves nothing more than making ‘soup’ and ‘tea’! No wonder I’ve collected several vintage tea sets for her... and I have a thing for them too as well as vintage melamine trays... they double or even triple up as sensory play trays, lunch trays etc! This Beatrix Potter set is one of our favourites, so it was my go to for a moment of creative faffing to create this ‘herbal tea’ play tray for her this week! Snipping flowers and herbs from the garden again, smelling them and taking a moment to look and really see what’s there and how it’s changing has really given me a feeling of calm. I also spent a short while in my work studio turning off cuts of vintage fabric from my Little Pip orders to make this little pocket/pouch ‘tea bags’ for Olivia to pop her herbs in, making scented tea! She was really engrossed in this and I’m so glad something I enjoyed putting together so much, gave her so much satisfaction, which is not always the case I hasten to say! 

Whilst making the ‘tea bags’ I knew I wanted to try them out as a bath infuser for myself too... so that evening I popped some lavender and mint in the little pocket and left in my bath whilst running... it didn’t create a strong aroma, so maybe next time I could use a pastel and mortar to break them down a release the oils first but still the satisfaction of creating that little infuser bag was definitely fulfilling and I left that day on a positive note! 

I had a thought for anyone wanting to try this but without the sewing... could use little draw string bags (jewellery pouch type ones tou might have laying around or even offcuts of fine fabric (old clothing, bed sheets) and use a hair band or elastic band to tie the top... depending on age your little one might enjoy this challenge too! 

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