Loved making this lavender play dough for Olivia to play with this week, she was out for a walk with Daddy so I prepared it for her to play with when she got back! The making in itself was so therapeutic! Obviously the lavender is calming and smells amazing, but the snipping sprigs in the garden, to the kneading to the faffing and laying out a play tray for her... this is ‘for me & for her’ in all its glory!

 I used the 4 minute no cook play dough recipe from ‘The Imagination Tree’ find it here:




I had some ingredients already and got the rest delivered quickly from Amazon! I’m so impressed with this recipe as it’s so close to the shop bought version, easy to mould & cut unlike some other recipes I’ve tried. The possibilities for play with different play dough themes are endless! Actually addicted! Some I have in mind are chocolate play dough, mint, lemon, & petal! 

I set out Olivia’s play tray with her lavender play dough, some fresh sprigs and flower heads, a few loose parts like a vintage belt buckle, some textured beads and a couple of wooden toys (peg doll and house handmade by Hellion toys & archway part of the Grimms wooden cave set) she spent a long time exploring and playing with Daddy on this one, he loves a bit of play dough! Mark making, stamping, making ‘villages’ & snowmen! It was a pleasure to see and the kitchen smelt amazing too!


I saved some back and popped in a small metal tin, it lasts for 6 months so we have some for future play too! Can’t wait to try the next ‘flavour’!

 And then do you know what I did that evening?! I had a little play too!! I just wanted to smell it again! And pulled out a few more vintage buttons and had a go myself! It’s not hard to see why Olivia enjoyed it so much! 

watch this space for more play dough experiments! 


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