Little Pip’s Launch Photoshoot! A Change In Career As A First Time Mum, Just A Mummy Making It Happen!

First photoshoot, first blog post since launching my website and first really serious proud moment since starting out with Little Pip!


Today’s shoot went so quickly! In the craziness but also the most amazing morning that was 5 under 2’s and 1 2 year old going on 20 (my little darling Olivia!), I hadn’t really taken it all in. It’s only now this evening that i’m sitting here thinking... oh my goodness I’m actually making this happen!! And despite that annoying little doubt monkey in the back of my mind, I will keep pushing forwards, every step closer to making my visions and dreams become a reality, he gets a bit more quiet! 



Little Pip was just a ‘pip’ of an idea when Olivia was a tiny baby, that idea grew and grew into something I couldn’t ignore and that felt so right for me and my family that I moved on a chapter in my career to follow my heart. My career was ‘me’ and had been everything I had worked towards, and something I had given my all to ever since I can remember! Imagining me without it was strange but wow am I glad I took that leap and how lucky I am to be so supported by my husband, family and friends! Olivia has given me the courage to move on a chapter in my working life and to be able to share my new journey with her by my side is just the best thing ever! 



This afternoon, I spoke to Olivia about today. She spoke about the other children, babies, the flowers, her dress (I’m Princess Mummy! ...Gulp! Nearly a teary moment!) and I just couldn’t believe that I could sit and speak to her about work and that she knew exactly what I was saying because she was there! This is just the most special thing for me! As she grows older I’ll share these memories, photos and blog posts with her, I want her to know that this is what i’m made to do, be her Mummy and to create beautiful things from what we find, together! 


I can’t wait to share more of my ideas and some more sneak peeks in the lead up to Little Pip’s first collection launch early this June 2019! It’s happening!!




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