Wearing Re-loved Cashmere - A Mum’s Reveiw

For anyone who hasn’t previously bought or worn second hand, vintage of re-loved clothing, there is inevitably a question or quality, suitablility and ease of care... because the fabric is pre-loved is it of a lower quality? Because it’s re-claimed does it have faults? What about recycled fabric... do we know what the care instructions are? Or just generally in Little Pip’s case, because the original purpose was not for babies and children, is the fabric fit for purpose?! 
Little Pip is collaborating with parents to bring you honest feedback and reviews on their own unique pieces, which have been custom made for their little ones. The lovely Marie was gifted a pair of appliquéd pre-loved cashmere dungarees for her gorgeous little 1 year old Audrey, check out their beautiful outdoor adventures on her Instagram account @audreyhimandme ...Audrey certainly likes to make use of her clothing exploring beautiful gardens and on many woodland walks! I knew she’d be perfect to ‘wearer trial’ a Little Pip piece! So here’s what her Mummy Marie though about her dungarees!...
1) Thinking about the quality of the garments, what was your first impression when you opened your parcel from Little Pip?
I was over the moon to see such a beautifully wrapped item and even more pleased to see that the packaging was all 100% recyclable. There's So much plastic waste when it comes to packaging these days so it was refreshing to see a change.
2) When you took them out of the box and looked in more detail, what did you notice about the quality of make? Was there anything that stood out, or surprised you that you wouldn't have expected from a recycled and handmade garment?
The overall quality of the dungarees is fantastic. I was actually surprised to see such a high quality garment made from recycled materials. They feel incredibly soft and look brand new. Just beautiful.
3) When you dress Audrey in the dungarees, how easy/difficult do you find them to put on, thinking about fastenings for example?
ove (which is very handy for us mamas!) and the double buttons not only do up easily, they also allow plenty of room for movement and growth.
4) When Audrey is wearing the dungarees, how do you think she feels? Is she comfortable to explore and learn freely? Can she eat and sleep in them?
Audrey is certainly comfortable when wearing her dungarees and has been more than happy to eat, sleep and explore in them!
5) When it comes to washing and caring for Audrey's Little Pip clothing, do you feel the care labels give clear instruction?
The care labels on the garment are perfectly clear and the dungarees looked like new after having been washed.
6) After washing and ironing, are you happy with the quality of the garment?
I am perfectly happy with the quality of the garment after both washing and ironing.
7) Is there anything you would change or improve about the garment?
There would be nothing I would change about the garment. I feel That the product has been so intricately, carefully and sustainably made and I would recommend Little Pip England to anyone looking for beautiful clothing that adheres to  the rules of slow and ethical fashion.
If you have any questions about the quality and care of Little Pip pieces please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by email jennifer@littlepipengland.com or see the ‘care instruxtions’ tab in the footer of my website www.littlepipengland.com
Please also get in touch if you think we could collaborate and to review some Little Pip products! 

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