Unique Enchanted Luxury Handmade in England



Luxury can have so many different meanings but here at Little Pip it begins at the very start of the design process! 


Jen absolutely adores vintage textiles & treasures, her eye for their charm & character is entwined with the signature Little Pip style, making each piece totally unique. When she individually sources fabrics & trims for her designs, she has to fall in love with them! They must stand out, be a high quality and absolutely enchant her!


Taking the time to then create a textile mood board, piecing together all the elements; adding lace, edgings, buttons and other embellishments... all so that the design is just right. This is just part of a luxury handmade design.


Jen also uses machine and hand sewing techniques, learnt from years of studying & working in clothing design & manufacture. Her pieces are made to last and always consider the best construction techniques to compliment the style, the fabrics & the wearability.


And finally... when you choose something luxurious for your little ones, whether its for a special occasion or just because you like to indulge in the magic of childhood every now and then!... Make sure you fall in love too! Look after your little piece of enchanted vintage, it's been created especially for you!