Handmade in England

At work - 2019


Little Pip is a brand born and raised in our family home in the South of England. Each and every piece created is handmade here with lots of care and love using skills learnt over years of practice and perfecting within the fashion industry, as well as through a personal passion to learn new crafts. From the making of the garment paper patterns & knitting patterns to the creation of machine sewn, hand sewn and hand knitted garments. As owner, designer and creator for Little Pip, I ensure that the quality of the most beautiful and individual pieces for your little ones is maintained throughout every design and make process.

Little Pip also works with local skilled crafts people on some hand knitted pieces, an exciting collaboration of design, knowledge and experience.

Handmade in England, for us, means that the high quality and sustainability of each and every product is proudly guaranteed.