In The Beginning


Me with my Daughter, Olivia - 2019


Everyday, Little Pip is a very personal journey for me, inspired by my new role as Mum (est. 2017!) and by the want for a life crafted and purposefully chosen for myself and my family. So here's me sharing my personal journey up to now and a bit about the beginning of our tale of new...

It all began during 2017 when we had our Daughter, Olivia. I was on maternity leave from an incredible 6 years working predominantly as a knitwear designer with a high street fashion brand in London - my career life to date had been as i had always dreamed, even better as i discovered a passion for knitwear that i hadn't known before. I had worked with amazing people, i had opportunities and experiences that i will never forget, i had travelled, i learnt a new trade and i discovered a lot about myself and the fashion industry first hand.

When the time came and after talking about returning to work, there was a huge part of me that was questioning my role as Mum - i had loved my job, loved using my creative energy in that way, loved having a purpose that was using skills that i had loved to learn. It was 'me' and always had been, however it wasn't just about 'me' anymore! Our ‘little pip’ had arrived, shaken up life as we knew it and was blooming into the most amazing little girl. Suddenly i couldn't bear the thought of leaving my amazing new Daughter to do what i had been doing previously. It wasn't a blip, it was this overwhelmingly strong feeling inside that told me it wasn't right for us and now was my time to steer away from the path i had always been following. It was time to take control of my time in this life and how i wanted to spend it.

So i gave it up. After some deliberation over part time options - it felt like it was now or never. It was such a scary thing to do but it was and is right for us and for me. Suddenly all i had known changed (...again! - first time being becoming a Mum!) All the while i had been deliberating, I had known that whatever happened i would move forward within the creative and most likely clothing industry, but i wasn't sure what that would look like or when. A period of huge uncertainty followed but i am just so happy being able to be a full time Mum, teaching occasionally on the fashion, art & design courses at my old Uni and always having such huge support from my amazing Husband, all of this encouraged my dreams to float to the surface of my mind!

Slowly, my thoughts began to piece together. A childrenswear brand - initially inspired by my obsession & passion with vintage, antiques and repurposing the pre-loved. Now, as time moves on and my love and connection with our natural world, the environment and our planet grows - that first idea has developed into one that takes on a responsibility for the world that our little ones will one day own. Olivia is changing and soaking up everything we teach her as our babies do, and i question what is important for her to know, what can we teach her that will make a difference to her and the world she lives in? I am learning more every day and challenging myself to live and shop with a more sustainable mindset. The natural path for Little Pip to follow as a brand that re-uses vintage fabrics is also down this route and i'm loving the effects of simultaneously being Mummy, teacher, 'learner' and business owner/designer all in one. It's a juggle and there is a lot to take on board, but in the end it all comes down to one end goal - to make this life extraordinary for Olivia and our family!