Motherhood & A Designer's Story



 Motherhood... it doesn't define me but it will be my life's purpose that I'm most proud of and fulfilled by! It brings me the most joy, the most love. 


Ironically it's the thing that has had me most unknown to myself but also takes me on a beautiful journey to knowing myself more truly than ever before.


Maybe it's because of the heightened awareness of time once you become a Mum? How fast it goes, how little it feels you have, how long those nights and days can feel. Time, for me, has become something that I'm learning to spend with more intent in all aspects of life.


I do more of what I love, what feels good, what lights me up. I allow myself more bliss with the time I have, where I am.


Little Pip for me is an absolute place of bliss. I love what i do. It's taken many years and more recently months of work to unravel the complexities of emotions and thoughts involved as a Mum who loves to work. Who has come from a life of growing creatively through art schools, shows, a career in fashion design, teaching... my much more modest home studio and creative practice has felt incredibly aligned at times and also so far from who I was before children - designing for a high end high street fashion brand. 


But i like her... I love this life i'm building. I love allowing myself to be me.


To any Mum reading this, know that everything you need and the person you were born to be is within you, wholeheartedly. We just need to be a little more patient and use our time a little more wisely now.


I'm still mastering my craft, I'm sure that will be my life's creative work. The balance shifts and changes week to week, day to day but being a Mum and being a Designer are who I am, and Little Pip is how I choose to express what enchants me and share that through my work!


Jen Xx