Terms & Conditions

  • There are a few terms & conditions in place to enable Jen to manage the waitlist and orders efficiently, meaning she can ensure you receive your outfits for those very important dates! 


  • A more detailed set of T&Cs is available at the footer of this website, however here are the really important basics to consider when buying a unique handmade outfit and to make sure you receive your order on time:


  • The 4 weekly waitlist opens for 48 hours (Date & time announced on the website & social media) - you must direct message through one of the social media platforms within that time to be added to the list for that month Instagram: @littlepipengland or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittlePipEngland


  • You are not guaranteed an order slot that month if you are on the waitlist - it depends how many people join and whether the T&C's are followed to enable efficient time management.


  • Please inform Jen of the date your order is needed for at the time of joining the waitlist. This is really important so that she can manage the priority of orders and ensure that you are advised in advance if you will not be reached within that month. See 'How To Order' for more info on the waitlist.


  • A £20 deposit must be paid via the website within 48 hours once your waitlist position has been reached and you have been contacted by Jen. This is to secure your slot so Jen can proceed with designing. If this is not received your order slot will be offered to the next person. This is to make sure time is well spent on designing and making your outfits!


  • You must advise Jen if you would like a 'surprise' or 'involved' design, the size you require and any other requests at the time of deposit payment so that your order can be started without delay. Any delays with information needed to proceed with an order will result in a delayed start of the design & make process, and therefore date of completion.


  • It is therefore recommended that you work out which size you will need in advance of your waitlist position being reached and of course have any requests or questions ready to go! You can find a size guide here on the website.


  • Any delays in choosing your design from the options given by Jen will result in a delay to the completion & delivery of your order. This could lead to the cancellation of your order and loss of deposit if she is waiting for your design choice for longer than 48 hours from the time options were sent.


  • Once your order is complete and ready to post, you must pay the remaining balance plus shipping costs via the paypal invoice sent to you within 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in your order delivery being delayed. Failure to pay balance will result in the loss of your deposit and the outfit will be listed for sale. You would no longer be accepted onto future waitlists. Please request an alternative payment method in advance if you do not use paypal.


  • Outfits are non-refundable as they are tailor made to your requests & size. If you change your mind within 48 hours your deposit is refundable. After this time you will lose your deposit due to the time already spent on the design process. If your outfit's construction has begun (e.g. fabric cut and/sewn) you are also eligible to pay 50% of the balance to cover material costs & time. So please ensure you are committed to the purchase.


  • In the unlikely event of a fault, repairs would be offered free of charge. You would just need to pay return postage.


Thank you for taking the time to understand these terms before committing to your order!