From Little Pip's vintage archive & my very 1st shoes!


Little Pip is passionately inspired by the classic charm & nostalgia of vintage & antique children's treasures, clothing, sewing and knitting patterns. It's an absolute dream and privilege to re-love vintage fabrics, pre-loved cashmere & sustainable yarns into beautiful new, unique clothing and accessories for your little ones. 

In doing this, I hope to share my dreams for Little Pip with you and inspire your families' lives. Reminding us all to take slower steps, to remember, admire and take comfort in history, craft and the world in which we live, to ignite passions & emotions and to bring change to the world that our children will one day own. A fast paced clothing industry is responsible for so much damage to our natural world and the people who live within it. Little Pip enjoys a much slower pace striving to have little impact on the environment, creating with a conscious mind. Ethical and sustainable design and practice are so important in helping us to 'teach them young' - to be interested, to care, to dream big and to show the difference one person and one dream can make.

We really hope you will join us in keeping tales of old wisdom alive for the new tales of tomorrow!