Sustainability & Re-loving

A personal passion (bordering obsession!) with vintage and antique treasures was the spark that ignited an exciting and heartfelt dream for me, which lead me to the creation of Little Pip! A baby and childrenswear brand whose heart and soul lies with bringing together this passion and a responsibility to care for the world that we live in, a world that our little ones will one day own.

Becoming a Mum in 2017 was the defining moment that bought about an incredible change in my life and my way of thinking. Having gone from a dedicated career woman as a knitwear designer for a high street fashion brand, to a full time Mum, and now to a small business owner has really turned my world on its head and encouraged me to really focus on what is important and gives most fulfilment in this life.

Little Pip was born from a passion for vintage and antiques, which grew into an obsession specifically with baby and children's related treasures after the birth of my Daughter Olivia! Naturally this affection encourages my other passion for re-using and re-loving. I have always, for as long as i can remember, been a treasure hunter with a desire to up-cycle, curate or re-use pre-loved objects and other findings in some way. My magpie eye loves nothing more than to source beautiful vintage sewing patterns, knitting patterns and fabrics, whether they be house linens or clothing which can be saved from their fate of being unused and thrown away - wasting their beauty and the time, effort and resources that were used to make them. They all hold a story with such character & charm and I believe can encourage us all to live more mindfully, emotionally connected and sustainably. 

For me, what was at first an aesthetic and emotional love for re-loving and using vintage finds has naturally hand-in-hand lead to a business journey with an overwhelming sense of personal responsibility for the state of the world we live in. As i learn more and more about the damaging effects of the clothing industry on our planet (being the second largest polluter after oil), it's use of our natural resources (literally depleting natural water sources) and how this directly affects so many people's lives around the world, i feel so strongly that i must stand up for change, for the world that my Daughter will live in and for her future, it's as real as that. This isn't ground breaking news, but it is Me and my brand's pledge to acknowledge this 'news' and be part of the movement to make sustainability 'part of the furniture'. This includes being mindful of all packaging and other supplies used to bring our products to our customers, all the while practising a passion to make beautiful and unique clothing and accessories for our little ones.

I would love to keep the re-loving circle going, meaning each piece would be appreciated for even longer. Getting more use out of each piece of clothing or accessory and further sharing the beauty of each vintage fabric would contribute to the sustainability of our brand and make me very happy! This is why I would like to offer the opportunity for you, our customers, to return your used purchases to us in a fair condition (no obvious stains or irrepairable damage, with original woven brand & care labels still intact) and in return receive 20% off of your next purchase. We can then keep the loop going and sell in the 'pre-loved & re-loved' shop. If you would like to be part of the circle, please email us at with your request to exchange your item for 20% off your next purchase attaching your original proof of purchase so that we can find the products history (or include as much detail as you can).

Whether you just love the pre-loved and adore the aesthetic of certain periods of vintage and antique, you like to buy things that are unique or limited edition or if you're passionate about sustainability and products made with this at heart, we hope you can connect with Little Pip on an emotional level and will share our journey in one way or another!